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Prohibited Items Policy

You will not always need to have items approved before you list them on Shuppy however, for a variety of reasons there are certain types of items which are prohibited from sale on this site. This policy explains what is prohibited or restricted on Shuppy. 

This policy is part of our General Terms of Use. By selling on Shuppy you are agreeing to this policy and our General Terms of Use. 

The following types of items are prohibited or restricted on Shuppy: 

Tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia and medical drugs 

The sale of tobacco and drugs is prohibited on Shuppy. These substances face serious legal restrictions and in most cases are considered controlled substances under applicable law. This policy also applies to any substances that have or claim to have an intoxicating or healing effect. 

The following are examples of what can’t be sold on Shuppy: 

  • Tobacco products including e-cigarettes and liquids 
  • Drugs and certain herbal substances, including those used for recreational and medicinal purposes, regardless of their legality 
  • Drug paraphernalia including (but not limited to), bongs, bubblers, vaporisers and their components 
  • Medical drugs, regulated medical devices and pharmaceuticals 

It is your responsibility to know and comply with all laws and regulations surrounding the items that you sell. Shuppy may remove products which we deem inappropriate or unsuitable for our marketplace. We may also remove content which promotes prohibited medical claims. If Shuppy receives proper notice from a legal authority, we may remove an item. 

Animal products and human remains 

The sale of live animals is strictly prohibited on Shuppy, as is the sale of any items created using any endangered or threatened animal species, items made from human remains or products from the human body (excluding human hair or teeth) or ivory or bones from ivory-producing mammals. 

  • It is your responsibility to know and comply with all laws and regulations surrounding the items that you sell. If you are delivering items across international borders you should consult CITES for specific information about importing and exporting species that may be threatened. 

Dangerous items, hazardous materials, recalled items and weapons 

For both safety and legal reasons, we prohibit certain dangerous items from our marketplace: 

Hazardous materials: Due to the complex legal and delivery regulations, as well as the potential harm caused by hazardous materials, these are prohibited on Shuppy. 

Below are some examples of prohibited hazardous materials. 

  • Explosives (including fireworks or sparklers) 
  • Flammable items 
  • Gases 
  • Radioactive material 
  • Toxic substances (such as poisons) 

Recalled items or items that present unreasonable risk of harm: Any items that have been recalled by governments or manufacturers are prohibited from being sold on Shuppy. Items that present an unreasonable risk of harm, such as those that could present a choking hazard, are also prohibited from sale even if they have not been subject to a recall. 

Weapons: We won’t allow any item intended to be used as a weapon to inflict harm, the following items are not allowed on Shuppy: 

  • Guns, knives or other obvious weapons – even if vintage (excluding culinary knives or knives used as tools) 
  • Imitation firearms or weapons (excluding water pistols or non-harmful toy guns) 

Hate items that promote, support or glorify hatred 

Shuppy is a proud community of people from all backgrounds, nationalities, religions and political affiliations and we want everyone to feel welcome. We appreciate things such as art can be incredibly subjective and what is offensive to one person may not necessarily be offensive to another. 

Shuppy does not allow any items or listings which promote, support or glorify hatred towards other people or otherwise demean people based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation (collectively, ‘protected groups’). Items or content that promote organisations or people with such views are also prohibited. 

The following items are not allowed to be listed on Shuppy: 

  • Items that support or commemorate hate groups, including propaganda or collectibles. 
  • Items that contain racial slurs or derogatory terms in reference to protected groups. 

Illegal items, items promoting illegal activity and highly regulated items. 

Shuppy respects the law and we expect our sellers to do the same. 

Illegal items, items promoting illegal activity and stolen items are not allowed on Shuppy. You must remember that it’s important to abide by the laws of the markets in which you are selling, what's legal in one country may be illegal in another. All forms of illegal activity are strictly prohibited. No listings can facilitate or promote illegal acts. 

Counterfeit goods (items which imitate an authentic good) are also prohibited on Shuppy. 

We require sellers to be aware of and follow all applicable laws for the items that they list.  

Internationally regulated items 

Shuppy will connect your business with buyers across the world. If you buy or sell an item from another country, or if you enter into a transaction with someone across international borders, you are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of the country of destination as well as your local laws. 

When buying and selling internationally, you must be aware that other countries may have their own restrictions. You might be prohibited from exporting or importing certain items under international laws and regulations. If you are unsure or have any questions about how to comply with the law, then we recommend that you speak to a qualified professional before completing the sale. 

You should also be aware that third-party payment processors may independently monitor transactions for sanctions compliance and may block some transactions as part of their own compliance programmes. Shuppy has no control over the independent decision-making of these providers. 

Pornography and mature content 

Pornography of any sort is prohibited on Shuppy and we will restrict certain mature content. Although pornography can be difficult to define, an item generally qualifies as pornography if it contains printed or visual material that explicitly describes or displays sex acts, sex organs or other erotic behaviour for the sole purpose of sexual arousal or stimulation 

Mature content is defined by Shuppy as content containing printed or visual descriptions of human genitalia, sexual activity or content, profane language, sexual wellness items and violent images (within reason). If you’re unsure whether your item is considered mature, then it’s a good idea to assume it is and to label it as such. 

Violent items that promote, support or glorify violence. 

Shuppy is a safe place for everyone, whilst some violent content can be a legitimate part of historical, educational or artistic expression it should never be used to promote or glorify violent acts against others. We do not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others, including credible threats of harm. 

The following items are not allowed on Shuppy: 

  • Items that glorify or attempt to glorify natural disasters, human suffering or tragedies 
  • Items that encourage, glorify, or celebrate acts of violence against individuals or groups 
  • Items that encourage self-mutilation, starvation or other self-harm 
  • Items that promote or endorse harmful misinformation