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13 miles away

Welcome to Surnamecrest! My name is Eoin Brennan, and I’m the founder of this business which makes well-crafted, bespoke quality gifts. I am a trained graphic artist and worked in the design industry for over 30 years creating brands and artwork for clients at home and abroad.  As a young boy I could remember being fascinated by the two coat-of-arms (family Crests) that hung either side of our sitting room doorway, one ”Clarke” and the other ”Brennan”- they were my parent’s surnames.  These crests gave me a sense of wonder, a link to the past. I felt connected to those that had shared my name before me; aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents – Who were they? What were their lives like? How did they live? Surnamecrest was setup to combine my heraldry interests and design skills to create unique and interesting quality gifts that would give pleasure and be appreciated to those that see them. From the beginning, I’ve been perfecting these products, how they look and how they... More

KO Kombucha
13 miles away 2 reviews

KO Kombucha is a traditionally brewed, small batch, Irish craft Kombucha. Throughout our 14 day fermentation sweet Tea is transformed into food for your 'gut brain'. We use the best quality certified organic ingredients, along with an authentic SCOBY, to create a fresh unpasteurised living drink.  Our Knock Out Booch should be enjoyed as a healthy delicious option for any occasion.  On sale throughout Ireland in many fine establishments we deliver by the case anywhere in Ireland. KO Kombucha is a Live Active Culture made by hand using Reverse Osmosis filtered water, Organic Green Tea, Organic Black Tea, Raw Organic Cane Sugar and a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) Through the fermentation process a sour, sweet and distinct flavour profile is attained consistently through small batch brewing techniques.  Our Knock Out Booch is certified Organic and offers a low sugar alternative to high sugar soft drinks and alcohol. The refreshing taste of KO is something you will keep... More

Bog Buddies
19 miles away 7 reviews

Bog Buddies  are really cool Irish gifts handmade in Ireland from real Irish bog. We love to create and every year we add new designs to our range. Our favourite  special occasion gifts  include  Home is Where the Heart Is ,  Tying the Knot ,  Love Birds  and  May Your Home Always Be Warm .  We are a family run business based in Knockcroghery in Co. Roscommon. The brand was first launched in 2010 and since then our products have travelled to homes all over the world. We run the the manufacturing end of our business from Athlone and our framing and customizing from The Claypipe Visitor Centre in the village of Knockcroghery in Co. Roscommon

25 miles away

Cluiche was founded in 2013 when the first of our games, Crannóg, was published.  In the years since then we have published new games every year in addition to other Irish language items. We stock educational and social games for different ages, including spelling and grammar games.  We also produce one-off jigsaw puzzles and printed mugs with Irish language themes.

Gran Grans Foods
26 miles away 3 reviews

"Great aromas were coming from Gran Grans Murray’s kitchen, from her treacle bread to her roast pork with crackling with which she would make a fresh Bramley apple sauce, there was a never-ending beautiful smell coming from the stove. It was about then, that Nigel realized, that a career in the kitchen was definitively for him." Years later, he would meet Magaly in Venice, Italy, while both working in the hospitality industry. They travelled together across the Caribbean and Mediterranean, and they finally settled in Peru, Magaly’s Birthplace, a country rich in history which cuisine is a seamlessly blend of different cultures and ancient Peruvian food creating something utterly unique. Soon after, they decided to open Peru’s first Irish Pub “Murphy’s” in the Peruvian capital, Lima, offering the locals and ex-pats community the best of Irish food and entertainment. “Murphy’s Irish Pub” turned out to be a great success. In 2005 they made the decision to come to Ireland with their 3 young kids:... More

Wilde Irish Chocolates
27 miles away 9 reviews

"We really like to have fun while we work and the secret to getting that is to get great people, get great ingredients, put them together in a magical place, have fun at work and see what happens." MAKING CHOCOLATES SINCE 1997 At Wilde Irish Chocolates in Co. Clare we’re mad about chocolate and we have been up to our elbows in it since 1997. We hand make over 80 different yummy chocolates in our small artisan chocolate factory.  Want to see how we make our huge range of chocolate goodies? We have an open plan production area where you can see the chocolates being made and packed, entrance is free and you will be able to taste what’s in production, ask us questions, make suggestions and most importantly taste the freshly made choccies, we are always looking for Guinea pigs.

Poppy Lane Gift Boxes
28 miles away 5 reviews

We are a small Irish business who provide hand picked, beautifully wrapped, personalised custom gifts. We source our products from small businesses and artisan crafters. We cater for all occasions by carefully perfecting every single itty bitty detail, because we want each recipient to feel as special as they truly are. We not only want to help express your gratitude but we believe it is equally important to make gifting unique, so let us pamper you as you pamper those closest to your heart. Over the last few years, interacting with our wonderful couples and being involved in the wedding industry, I noticed the lack of services for personalised proposal and thank you gifts for bridal parties, across Ireland. As I started to explore and play with the idea, this new adventure grew into a gifting place for all or any occasion. I quickly learned that the great thing about giving gifts is, there doesn’t have to be an occasion to show someone in your life that you care about them, or that you are thinking of... More

Machado Mens Grooming
33 miles away 4 reviews

"Machado Men's Grooming are producers of 100% Natural men’s grooming products only using the finest sustainable ingredients. We are based in Co. Laois where we formulate and produce our range of natural products including Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Shaving Oil, Shaving Soap, Gift Sets and Accessories." Our ingredients include: Organic Olive Oil sourced from Portugal, Rapeseed Oil sourced within Ireland, Shea Nut Butter Oil sourced from Women’s Co-op in Africa & Bog Myrtle Oil sourced from Ireland, Scotland & Greece. When choosing these ingredients Machado ensure they are sourced and grown in a sustainable manner. There are approximately 30 family-run Shea Farmers in Kampala, Uganda, Africa supplying the Shea Nut Butter for Machado products.  Machado products are produced in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner. Only sourcing ingredients from sustainable sources and using packaging that makes the smallest possible environmental impact. More

Lough Ree Distillery (sold by Churchtown Stores)
35 miles away 5 reviews

Lough Ree Distillery is a family owned business, set up by Clancy family their hometown of Lanesborough, Co. Longford in the very heart of Ireland.  They've set out to create some of the finest and most exciting Irish spirits and bring them from our hometown to the world. They currently produce the multi-award winning products Sling Shot Distilled Irish Gin, Zesty Citrus Vodka and Aiteal Irish Gin on site.   Sling Shot Distilled Irish Gin is the only spirit that contains Peat as a Botanical.   Aiteal Distilled Irish Gin is made with Irish Juniper and is the only 100% Irish Gin.  Zesty Citrus Vodka , made with fresh, organic lemon, lime, orange and pink grapefruits, currently holds the  Best Irish Vodka title.

Baba & Jones
36 miles away 1 review

So a little bit about us here at Baba & Jones. We are wife and husband team, Jen & Kieran. The inspiration for the name Baba & Jones is our two little children, Matthew aka "Baba" and Gracie affectionately called Gracie "Jones". Baba & Jones is truly a family business with our Studio is based in the beautiful Co Clare.    Jen and Kieran have run a successful wedding invite and stationery business since 2013. Creating and designing gifts for babies and children was something we have done for friends and family for many years. And with the downturn in wedding industry it gave us the time and opportunity to start Baba & Jones. So in the summer of 2020 we began working on a collection of gifts that we could bring to the market that would be unique and set us aside from what is already out there. All our designs are created to but a smile on the face of who receives them

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